With kickoff just around the corner, the Oklahoma State Cowboys have released an official depth chart.  However, there seems to be one question resonating from the fan base: where is Adrian Baker?

During the off-season, defensive back Adrian Baker announced he would transfer from Clemson to O-State. After sitting out last season due to injury, the cornerback enrolled at Oklahoma State during the summer session. The move provided Baker with a year of eligibility in the Big 12 Conference to shine. However, many expected to see the experienced transfer listed on the two deep as a Cowboy. Quickly glancing at the depth chart above, that’s clearly not the case.

On another note, one other thing stands out — the roster features players from all over the country. Yet, there is only one starter from the state of Oklahoma in Justice Hill. Expanding the search a bit further, three players from the state appear on the depth chart for the first game of the season. Of course, things could change but it might not happen for a while as this roster possesses quite a bit of talent as well as experience at various positions.