Week Six Big 12 Power Rankings | It Looks Like We Owe WVU An Apology

A limited slate of action, for the Big 12, leads to limited movement in our weekly power poll. For some inexplicable reason we’re punishing West Virginia for having a bye week and we rewarded Texas Tech for losing to Oklahoma State.

The Mountaineers dropped from fourth to sixth despite not playing and the Red Raiders (Who I was high on last week and low on this week) moved up from sixth to fifth. I feel like we owe an apology to West Virginia.

Consensus Big 12 Football Power Rankings

Team Points Opponent/Result Last Week
Oklahoma 40 BYE 1
TCU 36 BYE 2
Oklahoma State 31 At Texas Tech/W 41-34 3
Kansas State 25 Baylor/W 33-20 5
Texas Tech 22 OSU/L 41-34 6
West Virginia 21 BYE 4
Texas 16 At Iowa State/W 17-7 8
Iowa State 12 Texas/L 17-7 7
Baylor 6 At K-State /L 33-20 9
Kansas 6 BYE 10


The Sooners were on a bye week, but they still remain at the top of my list. Oklahoma has by far the most impressive win in the Big 12, as well as an undefeated record to back it up. It’ll be interesting to keep an eye on Oklahoma as tougher competition approaches in the coming weeks.

TCU comes in at number two again, and the Mountaineers are right behind them. Both of these teams are coming off of a bye week as well. TCU has continued to impress me, and the Mountaineers have looked great after losing to Virginia Tech at the start of the season. These two teams will face off this weekend and it’ll be interesting to look at the top 3 after this week.

Rounding out the bottom of the list is the Kansas Jayhawks and the Baylor Bears. Both of these teams are struggling, but I have Kansas ahead solely because of the win on their schedule. Unfortunately for the Bears, when you start out 0-5 you kind of naturally land at the bottom. I still think we should be on the lookout for this Kansas team to steal some conference wins.


Oklahoma and TCU are coming off bye weeks so there’s really nothing to report on them, other than the fact that the Sooners are as healthy as they’ve been since traveling to Ohio State.

Oklahoma State bounced back nicely with a big win a primetime game at Texas Tech. The biggest statement for the Cowboys was how strong their offensive line played a week after struggling heavily against TCU.

Baylor may be 0-5 on the season but they’re making noticeable improvement. At this point I think I would still take them head-to-head over Kansas.


There is no change in my top three as I don’t believe in punishing a team for a bye week. However, Oklahoma State did earn a win in a nail-biter on the road at Texas Tech. That’s got to count for something right? Needless to say, it’s hard to bump a one loss team above a program that handed the defeat in TCU.

At the bottom of my power rankings, the only thing holding the Baylor Bears back is a winless record. Two games into the conference play and BU has proven they’ll challenge any one remaining on the schedule. There’s plenty of football left to be played and this group can easily move up in the future.

Of course, Kansas continues to pump money into the program. Unfortunately, it hasn’t equated to wins. With a week off, I have no reason to shake up things at the bottom for the Jayhawks.


A week off means no loss, and for the undefeated Sooners, that means they don’t move. After an extra week of practice, they are undoubtedly ready for Saturday, which should be an easy win at home against Iowa State.

Just like Oklahoma, the Horned Frogs had the week off, so they stay steady at number two. They host a talented West Virginia team in an afternoon matchup on Saturday.

Beating Texas Tech isn’t worth making a big deal about, but winning in Lubbock on a Saturday night is an impressive feat. The Cowboys looked good for the most part, but they will likely work on cleaning up some of the issues in their off week.

A week off was probably the best thing for the Jayhawks as they have a tough matchup at home against Texas Tech this weekend.

Sitting at 0-5, the Bears haven’t started a season this badly since 1976. No win means no movement for their last place ranking.

Heartland’s Week 6 Big 12 Football Power Rankings

Craig Matt Rich Zack
Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma
West Virginia Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Oklahoma State
Oklahoma State West Virginia Texas Tech Kansas State
Kansas State Kansas State Kansas State West Virginia
Texas Tech Texas Tech West Virginia Texas Tech
Texas Texas Texas Texas
Iowa State Iowa State Iowa State Iowa State
Kansas Baylor Baylor Kansas
Baylor Kansas Kansas  Baylor

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