Sooner Nation Podcast Bedlam Preview | Did Mike Stoops Tip His Hand?

Bedlam is upon us! Our latest episode of the Sooner Nation Podcast has the complete (well…as complete as we can get) Bedlam breakdown on both sides of the ball. Did Mike Stoops tip his hand a bit by switching to the four-man front against Texas Tech? No, it’s not the first time they’ve run that front this season but perhaps he showed a few things that he otherwise would have liked to keep in secret until Saturday afternoon.

We also got into a great debate (no one really knows why) over who the better defense is between Texas and TCU. Somehow, “tall/athletic” receivers were brought into the equation and that only served to escalate things.

What are the intangibles that could lead to a Bedlam victory? We feel like there are more things in Oklahoma’s favor than the Pokes.

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