Detroit At Oklahoma City Primer | Paul George Needs To Remain In The Spotlight

Russell Westbrook appeared to have channeled his MVP spirit from last season in the Thunder’s 108-91 dismantling of Golden State on Wednesday night. The All-Star point guard posted 34 points, 10 rebounds, 9 assists, and 4 steals across 37 minutes of playing time to lead Oklahoma City to their best win of the season and, more importantly, pull the Thunder within a game of being .500 on the season.

Lost in Westbrook’s dominating performance was the play of small forward Paul George who quietly led the team with 40 minutes of playing time. Making the most of his time on the floor, George posted 20 points, on 8-of-19 shooting, 11 boards and 4 steals. I would expect to see more of the same, if not better, from George tonight against Detroit.

The Pistons are giving up 21.26 points and nearly eight rebounds (7.83) per game to the small forward position on the season. That’s right on pace with George’s season averages of 21.8 points and 6.2 rebounds per game.

Defensively, Detroit is stronger against the other four positions. They are one of the top teams in the league at defending the center and are a bit better than average against the guards and small forward. That paves the way for George to have a great night, especially with the attention Westbrook is going to draw coming off a monster night.

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