The LeBron James To OKC Campaign Has Begun

It’s most definitely a long-shot, but in the world of sports you either go hard or you go home. With the NBA’s free agent market set to get underway in just a few days the city of Oklahoma City is ready to make a pitch for the biggest name out there…well…at least the fanbase is.

The overwhelming consensus is that LeBron James will leave Cleveland to join another franchise in order to make another championship run. OKC would like to be that franchise, along with just about every other team out there.

The question is whether the Thunder can actually be a player in the King James sweepstakes? Well, as previously stated, you at least have to try. Besides that, Russell Westbrook has the superstar status that James likes to align himself with. In fact, you could make the argument that LeBron has yet to team up with a player of Westbrook’s caliber.

Is that enough to bring him to Oklahoma City though? Most likely not. The Los Angeles Lakers are the odds on favorite to land the NBA’s best player at -110. The Thunder check in with odds at +7500.

The summer is made for dreaming though…so dream way!


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