No Announcement Yet On Oklahoma’s Starting QB, But Running Back Is A Different Story

Put me down as one of the many who felt that an announcement on Oklahoma’s starting quarterback was coming on Monday. Also, mark me down as one of the many who are not disappointed that it did not.

“No announcement yet,” Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley said during Monday’s media session. “They’re doing a good job, but not ready to make it (the decision) yet. They both (Austin Kendall & Kyler Murray) practiced well this last week, both did really well in the scrimmage.”

Riley did admit that the pressure to name a starter will grow as the season opener approaches but he also stated that the timing just isn’t right at this moment. Both Kyler Murray and Austin Kendall will share an equal number of reps in practice over the next few days. I would imagine an announcement is looming within the next five or six days though.

As far as running backs go, Riley did shed some light there and it’s just as you would have expected. Redshirt junior Rodney Anderson and sophomore Trey Sermon are your #1 and #2 backs, with senior Marcelias Sutton sitting at #3. The only competition remaining at this position seems to be four the fourth spot in the rotation. Freshman T.J. Pledger and redshirt freshman Kennedy Brooks are battling it out there.

Don’t let the #1 and #2 designations fool you either. Both Anderson and Sermon will receive a lot of reps. Clearly Anderson is the feature back but Sermon will share the field with him the majority of the time and will have his own moments where he steals the show.



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