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Oklahoma Sooners | October 20, 2019

Oklahoma 52 – West Virginia 14 | Notes & Quotes

“We don’t know what the ceiling is, no one knows. How
we get to it, our peak, is going out there every day and
practicing hard. I’ll say it again, having the right intent and
approach to what we do, being eager, essentially starving
for an opportunity to play. We just got to have that factor
about us, we have to be hungry for every opportunity
that we have and go out there and take advantage of our


Oklahoma Sooners | October 13, 2019

Oklahoma Sooner 34 – Texas 27 | Notes & Quotes

“Well, regardless of what the outside world thinks, we believe a lot in our defense. We talked about it last night, Coach Grinch talked about it in the defensive meeting, we talked about it in the team meeting.”