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Nevelle Gallimore Is A Destroyer Of Men!

M. Hofeld


It really isn’t our goal to keep doing weekly features on Oklahoma defensive tackle Nevelle Gallimore, but as long as he keeps punishing opponents we feel obligated to show it. In OU’s opener to the college football season he destroyed a would be Florida Atlantic blocker on a punt play, and then, as an encore, he single-handedly destroyed UCLA’s pass coverage on a play last Saturday.

Linebacker Kenneth Murray ultimately got the credit for the sack but it was Gallimore who paved the way by abusing the center and then pushing the running back right into the quarterback.

Two weeks into the season Oklahoma’s defense is holding opponents to an average of 17.5 points and 354 yards of offense per game. That’s a marked improvement from a year ago and the play of the defensive line has everything to do with it.

In just two games, the Sooners have racked up eight quarterback sacks and 21 total tackles for loss. The thing is, according to linebacker Curtis Bolton, Oklahoma hasn’t even really put in their defensive stunts yet.

“I think we can take it a lot harder than we showed today,” Bolton said after Saturday’s game. “I think we kept it real light. It looked like we were just coming after him from every angle and I see that, but I feel like we kept it light on defense. Guys were making great individual efforts and if I make a great individual effort and also a linebacker makes a great individual effort it results in stuff like when you got the line pressure in
the pocket where he can’t step up or if he can’t roll out because when he rolls out he is getting hit by the outside rushers it’s a beautiful thing.”

Yes, it is a beautiful thing, and the fact that the Sooners are doing it just by winning one-on-one battles in the trenches means that we haven’t even seen the true beauty of what this defensive front seven can be.


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  1. Loved that play! I must have rewatched it 20 times after the game… Big Canada is a beast. And I think he’s just getting started.

  2. I agree. He’s starting to reach his potential and opponents are paying for it. Welcome to the site. Thanks for leaving a comment!

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