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Oklahoma Sooners | January 25, 2019

Gallimore & Hubbard Named Finalists For Jon Cornish Trophy

On Friday, the Jon Cornish Trophy reduced the list of candidates five. Given to the most outstanding Canadian player on the NCAA Football circuit, the remaining few remain under evaluation […]


Oklahoma Sooners | October 6, 2018

Texas 48 – Oklahoma 45 | Notes & Quotes

“It is not something that the coaches are doing. It is a personal thing. We need that attitude, we have to want to tackle, it is hard to think about when you are out there trying to make plays and it is moving fast. There are no excuses, at the end of the day players have to make plays and make tackles.” 

Oklahoma Sooners | September 10, 2018

Nevelle Gallimore Is A Destroyer Of Men!

It really isn’t our goal to keep doing weekly features on Oklahoma defensive tackle Nevelle Gallimore, but as long as he keeps punishing opponents we feel obligated to show it.

Oklahoma Sooners | September 9, 2018

Position Grades | Oklahoma’s Defense Remains Strong Against UCLA

Oklahoma’s defense recorded six sacks against UCLA and twelve tackles for loss. It was a defensive performance so dominant that OU’s top six tacklers played in the front seven. Mark Jackson led the way for the crew with 10 total stops. 

Oklahoma Sooners | August 29, 2018

Oklahoma Sooners vs FAU Owls | Success Hinges On Three

The Florida Atlantic Owls started the season 1-3 but bounced back quickly. Cleaning up throughout the duration of conference play, the program refused to drop a contest. Ending the season […]

Oklahoma Sooners | August 8, 2018

Oklahoma Fall Camp Position Battles |Marquise Overton & Neville Gallimore

Not fully prepared for Matt Romar to have an early end to his playing career, Marquise Overton and Neville Gallimore were forced to take over the rotation at nose guard a year earlier than planned in 2017. They’re better off for the experience now and that could pay huge dividends in 2018. 

Oklahoma Sooners | June 27, 2018

Getting Stronger | Oklahoma’s Defensive Improvement Will Be Measured Upfront

“Sometimes you’ve got to learn the hard way.” That’s what Oklahoma defensive tackle Neville Gallimore said, during the spring, when asked about the disappointments of the 2017 season. 

“As soon as I was done with the season I already knew what I had to be better at. You learn from your mistakes.”

Oklahoma Sooners | June 4, 2018

Oklahoma’s Defensive Overhaul Must Lead To Improvement In 2018

There’s no doubting that Oklahoma had a national championship caliber offense in 2018. There’s also no doubting that the defense was more than just a scapegoat in OU’s 54-48 Rose Bowl exit from the College Football Playoff.