Week Seven Big 12 Power Rankings | The One Where We Totally Diss West Virginia

The West Virginia Mountaineers have consistently been a #2 team in our weekly power rankings, behind Oklahoma, all season long. It just seems natural that they would take over the top spot following OU’s 48-45 loss to Texas at the Cotton Bowl. Nope!

Not only are the Mountaineers still #2 in our poll this week, they only received one first place vote from our staff. Instead it was the Longhorns who rose to the top spot. Those kind of shenanigans wouldn’t have happened in the old Big East!

Week Six – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The Good

Texas won, over Oklahoma, on a last minute field goal but it seemed as if they were much more dominant that than. It was by far the most impressive win of the Tom Herman era.

Baylor is now 2-1 in conference! Their 37-34 defeat of Kansas state has them just two games away from bowl eligibility.

The Bad

Kansas State already has a mention in this post but it goes without saying that the Wildcats have definitely taken a turn for the worse.

Will Grier led his team to a 16-point win over the Jayhawks but his three interceptions left a bit of a sour taste.

Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray gets a mention here as well. He was electric against Texas (304 passing yards, 92 rushing yards, 5 TDs), but his two turnovers led to 10 points for the Longhorns in a 48-45 loss.

The Ugly

You have to start with Oklahoma’s defense here. The Longhorns moved the ball and scored at will. It was the most points Texas had ever scored in the rivalry…which is why Mike Stoops is no longer employed by the university.

Oklahoma State’s pass protection was on par with their in-state rival’s defensive effort. Cowboys quarterback Taylor Cornelius was sacked seven times in OSU’s 48-42 loss to Iowa State.

Power Rankings

Obviously Texas is on the rise this week. West Virginia stayed put but gained a point. Oklahoma dropped two spots, from last week, but their in-state rival took the biggest plummet by dropping three spots.

The only thing we were unanimous on this week was Kansas and Kansas State.

 Heartland Sports Week Seven Big 12 Power Rankings
Ranking Points
1. Texas 39
2. West Virginia 37
3. Oklahoma 31
4. TCU 29
5. Texas Tech 23
6. Baylor 18
7. Iowa State 16
8. Oklahoma State 15
9. Kansas State 8
10. Kansas 4

1. Texas – the Longhorns have the best win of the year in conference play. Bringing a different brand of football to the league, UT sits in the driver seat. Can anyone slow this train down?
2. West Virginia – Failing to post a blowout against Kansas hurt the Mountaineers. The only undefeated team in the conference didn’t do themselves many favors this weekend. There’s still a chance to take the top spot sooner rather than later.
3. Oklahoma – suffering the first loss of the year, the Sooners lose the top spot. Making mid-season changes may not be the best move after a single bump. We’ll see if the decision pays off. Regardless the defense has been a liability for several years now.
4. TCU
5. Texas Tech
6. Oklahoma State
7. Baylor
8. Iowa State
9. Kansas State – the Wildcats have struggled on both sides of the ball all year long. A loss to Baylor drops KSU into the cellar after a 2-4 start. Things aren’t getting any easier here either.
10. Kansas – in the thick of the conference schedule, the Jayhawks are plummeting back down to earth. It’s a program that isn’t built to compete with the high flying offenses of the day.

1. West Virginia – The Mountaineers struggled against Kansas on Saturday, but they are the lone undefeated team in the Big 12, and they have looked convincing enough in conference play so far.
2. Texas – A close win over OU on Saturday put Texas at number two. If not for the loss to Maryland to start the season, the Longhorns would likely be a top 5 team in the nation.
3. TCU – The Horned Frogs benefit from a week off, while several other teams melted down. TCU has a loss to Texas in conference play, but they still have an outside chance to make the Big 12 Championship.
4. Oklahoma
5. Texas Tech
6. Iowa State
7. Oklahoma State
8. Baylor
9. Kansas State – It’s probably going to get worse before it gets any better for the Wildcats. K-State hosts Oklahoma State this weekend before traveling to Norman to play Oklahoma and then Fort Worth to take on TCU. They might not even beat Kansas at home after that.
10. Kansas – The Jayhawks actually put up an impressive fight against the Mountaineers, but a loss is a loss, and Kansas doesn’t know any different.

1. Texas  – There’s a new top dog in the Big 12 after week 6. Texas put together an incredible victory over Oklahoma. Their 48 points was the most the Longhorns have ever scored against the Sooners.

Texas has looked extremely good ever since their week 1 loss to Maryland. You could call it a poor performance from Oklahoma, but I think Texas is really that good. It looks like the Longhorn program is finally back.

2. West Virginia – The Mountaineers definitely have a case to be number one. I decided to put Texas ahead because I feel they’re playing the better football right now. Don’t get me wrong, West Virginia has been solid thus far.

The big difference for me the defense. Texas has had a surprisingly good defense, while the Mountaineers defense has been exactly what we expected. I’ll need to see more questions answered from West Virginia before I’m ready to give them the top spot.

3. Oklahoma – The Sooners put together one of the most atrocious defensive performances I’ve ever seen on Saturday. Why do they deserve a top three spot? The answer is their offense. Oklahoma has the capability to score on you in many different ways and they can do it quickly. That alone is what keeps them as a top contender in this conference.

I don’t think the Sooners are out of this thing yet. There’s no doubt that they’ll need to figure things out on defense in order to have a chance. There’s no lack of talent on the defensive side of the ball, it all comes down to execution. Oklahoma can still win the Big 12 if they can figure it out on defense.

4. TCU
5. Texas Tech
6. Baylor
7. Iowa State
8. Oklahoma State
9. Kansas State – It was really hard not to put Kansas State dead last this week. However, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt over Kansas. Things aren’t looking great for the Wildcats as they head into week 7 with a 2-4 record. I thought they could turn things around, but at this point it doesn’t look like Kansas State is going bowling this year.
10. Kansas – Where do I begin with a team like this? After seeing them compete with West Virginia last week, there’s no doubt they have some talent on their roster. There just isn’t a winning culture in Lawrence right now. Until someone can bring in a winning culture, this program is going to stay at the bottom of the conference.

1. Texas – It’s probably a bit of an overreaction to have the Longhorns in the top spot. West Virginia is still undefeated, and ranked #6 nationally, but if you knock off the top dog then you get to take his place.
2. West Virginia – The Mountaineers didn’t look exceptional against Kansas last week but they did get the job done. WVU will take their 5-0 record to Ames, Iowa this weekend.
3. Oklahoma – Wow! Talk about falling apart. After an all-time worst defensive performance in the Red River Rivalry, Mike Stoops has been fired. His dismissal overshadows two turnovers from Kyler Murray that resulted in 10 points for the Longhorns.
4. TCU
5. Baylor
6. Texas Tech
7. Iowa State
8. Oklahoma State
9. Kansas State – Don’t look now but the Baylor Bears are 2-1 in conference and 4-2 overall. Their latest victim was the Wildcats who fell to 2-4 on the season and 0-3 in conference play.
10. Kansas – Speaking of 2-4, and 0-3, that’s where we find the Jayhawks as well…which is actually an improvement.

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