Cowboys Leave Little Apple With Embarrassing Loss

The Oklahoma State Cowboys were embarrassed for yet another big loss despite being a touchdown favorite, this time 31-12 to the Kansas State Wildcats in Manhattan Kansas. After a somewhat promising start to the season, the Cowboys have descended on a downhill slide that they may not be able to recover from.

The game started off slow with neither offense being able to get much going. In recent history, the matchup between these two teams has been a high-scoring affair, but not today. Oklahoma State had an early opportunity to get into the end zone, but they failed to do so, and after a quarter of play, the Cowboys led 3-0.

The Wildcats kicked a field goal of their own early in the second, and the Cowboys came out on the next possession firing on offense. Taylor Cornelius managed to get Oklahoma State into Wildcat territory, but then he threw an interception in the end zone for a touchback.

Kansas State was unable to do anything with the opportunity, however, and the Cowboys quickly made their way down the field to set up 1st and goal on the seven yard line. After three unsuccessful plays, Oklahoma State had to kick another field, giving them a 6-3 lead which they would carry into halftime.

The second half was a completely different story for both teams. The Cowboys started the half with the ball, but three short plays later, they were forced to punt. Kansas State’s offense looked revitalized and ready for action, and they milked the clock for five minutes before Alex Barnes ran the ball in for a touchdown from nine yards out to give the Wildcats a 10-6 advantage.

The Cowboys were forced to punt on the next drive yet again, and Kansas State went right back at it as Skyler Thompson marched the Wildcats right back down the field. Barnes ran it in for his second touchdown of the day from eight yards deep to push the lead to 17-6.

Oklahoma State would score off a one-yard run by Taylor Cornelius to start the fourth quarter to inch a little closer and make it 17-12 after failing to convert on the two-point conversion. It didn’t last for long, however, as Kansas State scored on a third consecutive drive as Barnes scored again on an eight-yard run to give the Wildcats a 24-12 lead.

Another punt by the Cowboys gave the Wildcats the ball, and for the fourth possession in a row, Kansas State’s offense was able to control the field, and for the fourth and final time of the day, Alex Barnes hit pay dirt with a three-yard run for a touchdown to put the Wildcats up 31-12.

With the game all but over, Taylor Cornelius worked eagerly to get the Cowboys into the end zone, but as soon as Oklahoma State got into Kansas State territory, he threw his second interception of the day. The Wildcats ran the clock out, and for the Cowboys dropped to 4-3 on the season with their chances of even making a bowl game slipping away.


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