Oklahoma Sooners Claim No. 5 Spot In CFP

For this first time this year, a debate surfaced concerning the most recent College Football Playoff Rankings. Regardless of how either fanbase feels, the final word lies in the hands of the committee. Currently, it’s the Oklahoma Sooners holding an edge over the Ohio State Buckeyes. Grabbing hold of the No. 5 position, many expect the final spot in the playoff to open up this weekend. While it looks like Oklahoma’s — assuming the Sooners take care of business in the championship game — the conversation remains far from over. For now, fans continue to hold their breath hoping for a statement victory to close out conference play.

Obviously, Oklahoma must take care of a tram that previously handed the Sooners a loss this season. Standing in the way of the college football playoff for Kyler Murray is the Texas Longhorns. As the rivalry heats up on unprecedented territory, it’s anyone’s guess as to what happens. One thing we are sure of is the game will provide plenty of fireworks — this is a rivalry after all!

For the Buckeyes, a different task lies ahead as Northwestern creeps into the picture. That’s not to say the program is underserving of a shot at the title. Yet, it simply isn’t as exciting as the beat college football rivalry in all the land.

Who shall take the prize? That remains undecided.

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