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The Hunt For Hurts | Why The Alabama Quarterback Would Pick Oklahoma

M. Hofeld


The the deadline for Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts to make a decision nears there are a reported 14 teams in the running for his services. Of those teams, it appears as if he’s narrowed his choice down to Maryland, Miami, or Oklahoma, with Florida State still having an outside chance.

A former offensive coordinator could provide Hurts with some familiarity at Maryland and South Beach is always a draw for Miami but, outside of that, it’s hard to see what else those programs would hold over Oklahoma. If those truly are the options in Hurts’ final four then the Sooners should hold a sizable advantage for the following reasons.

Lincoln Riley’s Track Record With Quarterbacks

It doesn’t take a genius to see that Lincoln Riley is the best offensive mind in college football right now. Because of that his quarterbacks tend to reap significant benefits. Not because of a system but because of coaching.

Kyler Murray is the perfect example of what Riley can do with a quarterback in just one year. His mentoring of Murray and play-calling has the #9 overall pick in last summer’s MLB Draft considering walking away from $5 million dollars to become a Top 10 NFL pick.

Riley knows a thing or two about transfer quarterbacks and they’ve left Oklahoma in a lot better shape than when they arrived.

The Sooners Are Loaded With Talent On Offense

Oklahoma has skill position players for days!!! The Sooners just need a trigger-man to run the offense.

Kennedy Brooks (8.9 YPC) and Trey Sermon (5.8 YPC) would share the backfield with Hurts. Then he’d have a steady number of options, including CeeDee Lamb (17.8 YPC), Grant Calcaterra (15.2 YPC), and Charleston Rambo (15.6 YPC) plus a trio of highly-ranked freshmen at his disposal to throw to.

The Sooners will be loaded again in 2019 on the offensive side of the ball.

Oklahoma Is A Championship Contender With Hurts

Because of the talent level within the offense, a guy like Jalen Hurts would not only make the Sooners the favorites to win the Big 12 once again, he would also make them a favorite for the playoff.

There isn’t another school in the hunt for Hurts that is more playoff ready that Oklahoma.

There’s An Immediate Opening At Oklahoma

Austin Kendall’s name has hit the transfer portal as well and it appears that he may be heading to Duke. If that’s the case then Oklahoma has an immediate opening for a quarterback.

Hurts would be the perfect stop-gap before Spencer Rattler could take the reigns in 2020. It would be a win-win situation both for Hurts and the Sooners.

The Big Decision

Yes, there’s a certain amount of bias with my thought process here, but that doesn’t make any of the facts presented any less factual. The bottom line is that no one really knows exactly what Hurts is looking for. However, if his desire it to play for a championship caliber team that gives him a great shot at becoming a pro then there really isn’t a better choice out there than Oklahoma.

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