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Twitter Reactions | Some OKC Fans Are Growing Tired Of Russell Westbrook’s Antics

M. Hofeld


Everyone loves a winner. Oklahoma City fans are no exception to that and for more than a decade Russell Westbrook has been the hero of the Thunder franchise.

Perhaps the most athletic point guard in the NBA, Westbrook attacks the basket with uncanny physicality and energy. A triple-double machine, the 2017 MVP has a knack for getting under opponent’s skin with his warrior mentality that is always grinding.

However, it isn’t just opponents that he’s irritating anymore. Some of the home crowd is starting to get rubbed the wrong way by some of his antics as well. If he’s not screaming, “And-1” as he drives to the basket or verbally attacking an official for not actually calling the and-1, you may find him threatening to beat up a man and his wife for racist remarks or taking a moment to tenderly teach a child the dangers of touching him from the sideline seats.

Where you won’t find him is being kind to the media…especially after a loss.

The problem is, OKC fans what someone to lead them to back to the NBA Finals, and if Westbrook can do that then no one is going to care how much he screams at the refs, jaws an opposing player, or berates fans in Salt Lake City.

The Thunder haven’t been to the Finals since 2012 and the last seven years have been filled with disappointing playoffs exits or, even worse, playoff absences. Now those antics that used to make OKC fans chuckle are starting to make some a bit irritated.

After another disappointing loss on Friday night, OKC’s seventh in the last eleven games, Westbrook ended his media session with the body language of a guy who really didn’t want to be bothered. That was a cue for some folks to express frustrations and disappointment on Twitter.


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