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Is Jerami Grant The Most Unappreciated Thunder Player?

Craig Hofeld


Jerami Grant was drafted in the second round of the 2014 draft. Ever since draft day, Jerami Grant has been underrated and unappreciated. One move by Sam Presti changed his entire career when Grant was traded to Oklahoma City. Grant started out his playing time for the Thunder coming off the bench, but now he’s arguably the most reliable guy on the roster.

Jerami has seen his numbers increase from 5.4 points per game in his first season with OKC, to 13.5 this season. There’s absolutely no doubt that he is the most improved player on the roster this season.

The forward out of Syracuse is fifth on the team in scoring and is only second behind Steven Adams in field goal percentages at 49.8%. Not to mention he is shooting better from the free throw line than two other starters (Russell Westbrook and Steven Adams). He is also the leading blocker on the team. Grant’s athletic build allows him to be a great rim protector and is a key part to the Thunder’s success on defense.

The most important piece of Grant’s stats? His three-point percentage. He is leading the team in shooting percentage from beyond the arc at 39.1%. His ability to pop out in the corner stretches out a teams defense allowing Adams to find space in the paint, or for Westbrook or George to slice through the lane. Think about this for a second, on a team with Paul George, Russell Westbrook, and Dennis Schröder, Jerami Grant is shooting the best from deep.

Do Thunder fans appreciate Jerami Grant enough? In my opinion, it’s not even close. Perhaps that’s what happens when you’re on a roster with Westbrook, George, and Adams. You seem to get lost behind the “Big 3”. That being said, there’s no doubt this team relies on Grant. He will be a key piece if the Thunder intend on making a playoff run this post-season.

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  1. Hey may not be the MOST under-appreciated, but he definitely does not get enough praise. The fact that he’s probably been the most consistent 3-point threat on the entire team—yes, ahead of Paul George—is enough to warrant a ton of praise.

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