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Does The Thunder Have A Chance In The Playoffs Despite The Disappointing Regular Season?

Craig Hofeld


The 2018-2019 Thunder season was the most highly anticipated seasons in quite some time. Even more so than acquiring both Carmelo Anthony and Paul George the previous year. In the midst of all the excitement for the upcoming season, the Thunder got off to an 0-4 start. As soon as expectations dropped, Oklahoma City went on a crazy run and even held their own spot at the top of the western conference.

To say this season has been full of ups and downs would be a huge understatement. The Thunder took a bit of momentum into the all-star break, but then lost every single bit of it once the season resumed. After suffering multiple four-game skids throughout the year, it’s safe to say this season has been a let down for the Thunder. It’s been quite some time since a team has had the downfall that OKC faced.

That being said, when their backs were against the wall, the Thunder has risen to the occasion and won four straight games. They currently sit in the 6th spot in the West and can end the season with five straight wins.

Many people, (including myself) had pretty much written this team off. But now, with the current win streak, OKC fans have to have a bit of hope. So, with all that being said, does the Thunder have a chance in the post-season?

The obvious answer here is, “of course!”. But, it’s a little more complicated than that. First and foremost, I feel like momentum is huge in the playoffs. For the last month, the Thunder hasn’t been playing their best basketball. If OKC can finish the season with a five-game winning streak, I’d say it’s safe to say they have plenty of momentum.

With a roster of multiple all-stars and several valuable pieces, this team is capable of competing with anyone. With that in mind, this team has to stick to their roots in order to have a chance at making a run. Do they have a chance? Absolutely! However, it’s going to take full out effort on defense. This team isn’t built to light up the scoreboard from beyond the arc, they are built to play physical basketball, and lockdown defense. If the Thunder can stick to their roots, they have a chance at beating anyone in the playoffs.

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