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Sam Presti ‘Anticipates’ Billy Donovan To Return As Oklahoma City’s Head Coach

Craig Hofeld


There has been much speculation over the last week about the future of Billy Donovan. The Thunder’s general manager, Sam Presti, held his exit interview Monday morning and confirmed that Donovan would be returning.

The Thunder picked up the option for the final year of his contract during the 2018-2019 season. At the time, the Thunder held the top seed in the western conference. After the collapse towards the end of the season, many people wondered if Oklahoma City’s front office had any regrets about picking up his final year of the contract.

While many fans are upset about Donovan returning, I’m not sure that it’s a bad deal. He has a record of 199-129 in OKC, and has shown the ability to out-coach some of the leagues best. However, it’s safe to say he is on the hot seat. The Thunder can’t start out with another 0-4 record like they did this season. I have a feeling if OKC doesn’t get the ball rolling early, Billy Donovan will be out of a job before the all-star break.

Donovan is aware that changes need to happen. We will see if he is able to make those necessary changes to turn this franchise in the right direction. He will have to establish himself as the head coach of this team. I feel like he hasn’t quite done that in his four years. Multiple players have applauded how much he listens to his team, but maybe it’s time for his team to listen to his coaching. It’s going to be very interesting to see how this turns out for the Thunder.

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