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Oklahoma City Thunder | September 8, 2020

OKC Thunder Waves Goodbye to Billy Donovan

According to ESPN sources Tuesday night, Thunder head coach Billy Donovan will not be returning next season.

Oklahoma City Thunder | August 5, 2020

Thunder Bounces Back With Big Win Over The Lakers

The Thunder looked to bounce back from the loss to the Nuggets on Monday as they took on the Lakers Wednesday evening. LeBron James and Anthony Davis are quite the deadly duo, but Oklahoma City came out on top with a convincing 105-86 victory.

Oklahoma City Thunder | February 19, 2020

OKC Thunder | Expectations Met, Expectations Raised

At 33-22 on the season the Oklahoma City eclipsed its 2019-20 win total before that All-Star break. I’m pretty confident that I can say none of us saw that coming […]

Oklahoma City Thunder | May 13, 2019

Is Billy Donovan Headed to Michigan?

With the vacant head coaching spot at Michigan—a spot that is historically considered as a desirable position—speculation has risen that Oklahoma City Thunder head coach Billy Donovan may be the top prospect for the gig.

Oklahoma City Thunder | May 1, 2019

Thunder Have Two Options With Donovan | Extend Or Let Go

Presti admitted on Monday to have not yet talked with Donovan and said to the media that if something, “were to change,” with the head coaching situation then they would let them know. The issue at hand ins’t the playoff record but Donovan’s contract.