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Oklahoma Sooners Football | Here’s What We Should Be Thinking About Kennedy Brooks Not Being With The Team

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On Monday 247Sports Brandon Drumm broke the news that Oklahoma running back Kennedy Brooks is currently not with the team for summer workouts, and hasn’t been since the team returned in June. Obviously news of thing magnitude sent the Sooner Nation into a frenzy with all types of rumors. With nearly a day to digest the news and survey the situation, here are a few thoughts.

Speculation Isn’t Fair

Here’s the reality…no one absent from the situation itself has any clue as to what is going on. Because of that, it isn’t fair to make speculations about grades, transfers, suspensions, or anything else. That is all unsubstantiated rumor and hearsay and shouldn’t be paid attention to.

What We Do Know

As of July 8th, Brooks isn’t listed in the transfer portal, there are no police reports bearing his name, and there’s no reason to have anything but hope at this point that he’ll be back with the team.

Perspective Is Everything

Football is a sport…its just a game. Potentially Brooks is dealing with some real life issues and football needs to take a backseat for the time being. If that is the case then the only thing that needs to come from Sooner Nation is support and well wishes.

The Stable Of Backs Is Deep

Averaging 8.9 yards per carry in 2018, Brooks was Oklahoma’s leading rusher with 1,056 yards. Not having him on the team would be a blow to the Sooner offense but let’s not act like Trey Sermon (928 yards last season) is a big pile of leftovers.

In addition T.J. Pledger (6.0 YPC) seems to be healthy again and could play a big role in the offense, should he be called upon, and freshman Marcus Major arrived on campus with all the hype that comes from being a highly sought after 4-star prospect.

Finally, Rhamondre Stevenson is a beast of a back. You’re going to want to learn his name regardless of what ends up happening with Brooks. With a 6-0/235 frame, he’s got all the tools to be great at Oklahoma. If for some reason Brooks is truly gone then this kid is going to be hard to keep off the field.

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