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Oklahoma Sooners 45 – Kansas 20 | Defensive Position Grades

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There’s been a little criticism of Oklahoma’s defensive effort at Kansas last Saturday but the reality is that the Sooners were far from being as bad as social media appeared to make it out to be. The combination of giving up points for the first time this season during the opening quarter and two scores in the fourth quarter made the defensive effort appear worse than it really was.

The reality is that Oklahoma fans aren’t used to seeing points surrendered in the first quarter and the fact that the Jayhawks were the first to do so was a shot right to the pride. However, when you consider that those were the only points scored against the complete first-team defense, and that the other two touchdowns came in garbage time, there’s suddenly a lot more to be proud over than shamed.

The Sooners held Kansas off the scoreboard through the second and third quarters, while Oklahoma’s offense reeled off four touchdowns, to get the game well in hand before turning things over to some replacements. A total of 21 players participated in 53 total tackles (Special Teams included), with three sacks and seven total take downs behind the line of scrimmage.

Here’s how we’d grade out Oklahoma’s defensive performance against the Jayhawks.

Defensive Line

Ronnie Perkins looked like a man among boys at times on Saturday, recording a sack, another quarterback hurry, and two tackles for loss. Neville Gallimore also recorded three tackles, including one for loss.

Overall Position Grade: A


Kenneth Murray was second on the team with 6 total tackles (5 solo) and Brian Asamoah recorded one of the team’s three sacks.

Overall Position Grade: A


Parnell Motley was beaten a couple times for scores which was a bit disheartening to see after such a great start to the season but Delarrin Turner-Yell led the team with 7 tackles (1 for loss) and Pat Fields recorded his first sack of the season.

Also, if you’re not paying attention to Jaden Davis growing up before our very eyes then you need to tune in to that real quick!

Overall Position Grade: B+

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