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2019 Big 12 Football Power Rankings | Week 8

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College football is certainly a “what have you done for me lately?” type of world where an impressive win one week can be quickly cast aside the next week for someone new. That seems to be the case a little bit for some of our power rankings voters who somehow managed to place Texas Tech ahead of Oklahoma State.

Here’s our consensus rankings for Week 8 followed by some thoughts from our writers.

Heartland Sports Week 8 Big 12 Power Rankings

1. Oklahoma50
2. Texas44
3. Baylor41
4. Iowa State35
5. Texas Tech27
6. Oklahoma State26
7. TCU21
8. Kansas State 15
9. West Virginia11
10. Kansas5


1. Oklahoma | The Sooners overcame a couple early red zone turnovers in what unexpectedly was an all around impressive defensive victory.

2. Texas | The Longhorns didn’t get the victory but they remain the favorite to return to the Big 12 championship game for a possible rematch.

3. Baylor | The Bears had a scary double overtime victory against a better than I thought Texas Tech team to remain undefeated.

4. Iowa State

5. Texas Tech

6. Oklahoma State

7. Kansas State

8. TCU

9. West Virginia | After getting blown out at home against Iowa State, it’s safe to say that they’re entrenched at #9 unless they beat someone not named Kansas.

10. Kansas | The Jayhawks has a bye week after getting blown out by OU.


1. Oklahoma | The Sooners will remain the king of the hill until another program dethrones them.

2. Baylor | Certainly the surprise team of the conference, the Bears remain undefeated despite a scare over the weekend. As one of two unbeatens, I’m moving Baylor up a slot this week. The meat of the schedule sits just ahead though and this team will have to prove capable of retaining the second spot in the future.

3. Texas | Suffering a second loss, the Longhorns continue to have issues in the running game and along the offensive line…not to mention the secondary. Texas continues to find themselves in close games and it could hurt them in the long run.

4. Iowa State

5. Oklahoma State

6. Texas Tech

7. TCU

8. Kansas State

9. West Virginia | Getting blown out in front of a home crowd is not a good look for the Mountaineers. Unless there’s a surprise, WVU likely remains in the bottom two for the foreseeable future.

10. Kansas – Keep moving, there’s nothing to see here.


1. Oklahoma | After the Red River Rivalry we no longer have a debate about the best team in the Big 12. The Sooners looked sloppy at times, but took care of business in their first real test of the season.

2. Texas | The Longhorns are without a doubt one of the most talented teams in the country, yet they still have a ton of holes to fill. If they can patch up some of these areas they will still have a successful season.

3. Baylor | The Bears are the only other team than the Sooners with a perfect record on the season. I’m not quite convinced they have played a real opponent yet, but they have definitely caught some national media attention.

4. Iowa State

5. TCU

6. Oklahoma State

7. Texas Tech

8. West Virginia

9. Kansas State | The Wildcats are one of two teams still searching for their first conference win. While they had a surprisingly good start to the season, it’s been a nightmare for the last few weeks.

10. Kansas | Kansas is the other team looking for their first Big 12 win. Doesn’t seem likely this week as they face off against Texas.


1. Oklahoma | Red River Rivalry was close, but if just a couple of plays go the Sooners’ way, it’s likely a blowout. Oklahoma is the best team in the conference, and it’s not even debatable.

2. Texas | I’m giving the Longhorns the nod at staying at #2 because of how they managed to stick around against the Sooners.

3. Baylor | The Bears stay undefeated after a close one in double OT against Tech. I have a feeling they won’t be undefeated for long, though, 

4. Iowa State

5. Texas Tech

6. Oklahoma State

7. TCU

8. Kansas State

9. West Virginia | Hey, at least the Mountaineers have that win over Kansas, right?

10. Kansas | A week off means no movement for the Jayhawks. The only direction they can go is up, and that’s not going to happen if they don’t get a win.


1. Oklahoma | The Sooners muscled their way past Texas in the Red River Showdown. The scary thing here is that I don’t know if we’ve seen this team live up to their full potential yet.

2. Texas | Oklahoma proved they were better than the Longhorns on Saturday but we’ve yet to see another team in the conference do the same. Texas remains in the second spot until someone proves otherwise.

3. Baylor | The Bears were pushed to overtime against a surging Texas Tech squad. They’re holding their ground at #3 right now.

4. Iowa State

5. Texas Tech

6. Oklahoma State

7. TCU

8. Kansas State

9. West Virginia | Just when it looked like things couldn’t get worse for the Mountaineers Austin Kendall gets injured in a 38-14 rout by Iowa State.

10. Kansas | Bye Week

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