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Manhattan Meltdown | Quick Thoughts On Oklahoma’s 48-41 Loss To Kansas State

M. Hofeld


Today will be known as the day everything changed for Oklahoma’s 2019 college football season. There are lots of things that we could say contributed to this loss but the reality is that the Sooners were outplayed by a much more physical team. Sure, Parnell Motley getting ejected and Delarrin Turner-Yell getting injured played a part in the downfall of the defense. Sure, you could point to multiple questionable calls…or lack of a call by the officials. Absolutely you could question some of Oklahoma’s calls but at the end of the day the Wildcats were better prepared and more physical. They hit the Sooners with a flurry of gut punches in the second and third quarters and it took until the fourth for OU to get up off the mat. 

Quick Thoughts 

  • The talent gap was noticeable. The more talented team didn’t win this game and that should make the sting even worse for Oklahoma fans. The first and fourth quarters are indicators of what I’m talking about. Oklahoma produced big plays in both quarters but the fourth was too little, too late for the Sooners. Coaching and physicality were the differences in this game, not talent. No would be a good time to buy stock in Chris Klieman. 
  • There are significant issues with Oklahoma’s offensive line. There’s a reason why Lincoln Riley isn’t using his running backs. It is becoming painfully obvious to me that the primary being they physically are not able to run between the tackles. 
  • Turnovers!!! Lost by a touchdown, and gave up 14 points off turnovers while not recording a takeaway themselves. 
  • Punch drunk is our best hope. What happened in the second and third quarters? While we’ve got plenty of time to dissect this loss, the best hope is that OU was punch drunk from being in a position they’ve never been in before. This is the most physical team the Sooners have played to date and kudos to the Wildcats for bringing the fight…particularly after going down by 10 points early. 
  • Playoff hopes take a significant hit. The last two years Oklahoma has made the College Football Playoff with a regular season loss but this is the latest in the season the Sooners have lost in the last three seasons. While OU isn’t necessarily eliminated, the odds are significantly stacked against them. 

We’ve got plenty more to say on this game in future post. Hang in there! 

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