Oklahoma Softball | Patty Gasso Discusses Nicole Mendes’ ACL Injury

Oklahoma softball coach Patty Gasso announced on Tuesday that utility player Nicole Mendes had suffered an ACL tear during spring ball. Gasso made the announcement while as guest for Chris Plank’s show on Sports Talk 1400. Plank is the play-by-play voice for Oklahoma Softball.

While the shock comes as a bit of a surprise to those who know the program and particularly Mendes herself, Coach Gasso said that the senior was doing very well and expected back in March.

“This girl…this woman is going to show everyone how to do it right,” Gasso said. “Instead of boo-hooing about it she has been sitting on a chair, swinging off a tee, she’s doing everything she possibly can right now to stay…getting her eyes, keeping her eyes trained, you know, just anything she can do…”

You can hear the full statement below…

Mendes has been a .357 hitter for the Sooners through three seasons with 13 home runs, 78 RBI, and 140 runs scored. She also has a career 2.47 ERA from the pitching circle with 29 strikeouts over 34 innings pitched.

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