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Oklahoma Football | Rise In The Polls Shows That Perception Is Still Positive For Sooners

M. Hofeld


We’ve reached the point of the college football season where facts become way more important than opinions. The fact is, Oklahoma blew a golden opportunity to write their own ticket to the College Football Playoff when they lost at Kansas State. However, another fact is the Sooners have made the college football playoff three times in the last four seasons with one loss on their record.

While some believe that Oklahoma’s loss to Kansas State was the final nail in the coffin for the 2019 season, the reality is that couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, the Sooners need help to make the College Football Playoff but they’ve been in this situation multiple times in recent seasons and it has worked out in their favor. For that to be the case once more, OU needs two things have got to happen. First, they need to win out over the final four games. Secondly, they need to have a good public perception. It really doesn’t matter what happens to the teams ranked in front of them if these two things don’t happen. 

Clearly the jury is still out on winning the remaining games this season but perception seems to be trending in Oklahoma’s favor.  When the latest polls released on Sunday, the Sooners found themselves moving up in both the AP (#9) and Coaches (#8) polls. This is especially good news coming off a bye week.

It wouldn’t have been unexpected for the voters to place Florida ahead of Oklahoma, despite two losses on the season, yet that didn’t happen. The AP put the Gators at #10 and the coaches dropped them five spots to #11, not only moving Oklahoma up in both poles but also opening the door for a potential Top 10 matchup with Baylor in a couple of weeks. Also keep in mind that the last time Oklahoma came off a bye week they dropped in the polls instead of rising.

The Sooners aren’t the highest-ranked one-loss team in either poll but keep two things in mind. First there’s still a month of football left and several of the teams ranked ahead of OU play each other, and secondly the poll that really matters doesn’t come out until Tuesday evening. Ahead of that release we can gauge how people feel about Oklahoma based off of the AP and Coaches polls. You can’t help but think perception is pretty positive based on those indicators, but Tuesday night will tell the real story.

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