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Oklahoma Sooners Football | 3 Quick Concerns About Facing #1 LSU In The Peach Bowl

M. Hofeld


The final College Football Playoff rankings are out and Oklahoma is in. While many doubted it would happen a month ago the Sooners did everything that needed to be done, and got some help, to make it into the national title hunt for the third consecutive year. Here’s what OU fans need to be concerned with.

First off, Oklahoma’s defense is still massively underrated from a national perspective. This is not only a bad take but its an old take as well. That said, Joe Burrow is the real deal and will present the strongest test that Alex Grinch has seen in the first year of his rebuilding plan.

Secondly, LSU gave up 38 points to Vanderbilt but has vastly improved. While I do agree that this is the best matchup possibility for Oklahoma’s offense, the fact that the Tigers closed out the season giving up a combined 37 points in three games can’t be overlooked.

Finally, there the stigma of not winning a playoff game has to be acknowledged and dealt with long before the Sooners get on the plane and head to Atlanta. It’ll be a real conversation that the national media will wear out and it could be a distraction if the team doesn’t address it.

I realize that the third point may not settle well with fans but think about it from this perspective. Oklahoma’s defensive revival is due in large part because in late March they acknowledged their failures and shortcomings to collectively make the decision that’s not who they wanted to be anymore. A similar conversation regarding playoff losses would go a long way towards the focus of preparation.

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