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Oklahoma Sooners Trending For No. 6 OLB In 2021 Class, Clayton Smith

Rich DeCray


On Sunday, Clayton Smith released a set of six finalist vying for the commitment of the 4-star linebacker. However, it was largely believed the main contenders resided in the Big 12 Conference. Fast forward to Tuesday evening and it appears as though we have a new front runner — spoiler it’s a program north of the Red River!

247Sports Predictions on LB Clayton Smith

On May 12th, Demetric Warren of OMSpirit released the first prediction in favor of the Oklahoma Sooners. Following suit, Brandon Drumm of 247Sports echoed the sentiment.

The news is certainly welcomed for a defense searching for range and speed in the coming years. Possessing the ability to pursue the ball carrier, Smith also showcased an ability to fly around the arc in pass rush situations. With a larger frame, the linebacker can easily add strength at the collegiate level that’s required in run support. Needless to say, Smith’s ceiling remains high as the defender can adapt to any scheme.

With an influx of recruits expected to commit in the near future, will Smith join forces with the Oklahoma Sooners? Right now, the answer is leaning heavily toward a ‘yes!’

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