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Caleb Williams Says Nussmeier Commitment To LSU Doesn’t Matter

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If you’re like me and thought that Garrett Nussmeier’s commitment to LSU last week eliminated the Tigers from contention for Caleb Williams then the star quarterback wants you to know that isn’t the case.

In his latest weekly blog entry for Sports Illustrated Williams not only said that he was happy for Nussmeier but that LSU was still very much in the picture.

I haven’t wavered. The best place for me is the best place for me no matter who’s there. It hasn’t really bothered me that Garrett committed to LSU, they’re still in the running. My top three is my top three, Oklahoma, LSU and Maryland. They’re the schools I’m deciding from. For the guys committing to those places, I’m happy for them. It’s a great opportunity.

Competition is what makes football so great. Football wouldn’t be football without competition. You need that to make you better, I need it to make me better. I love competing, I have this competitive spirit in me and I just don’t want to lose. That’s why I’m recruiting all of the best players to come with me, come to the college I’m going to so we can compete at a high level and go win big. 

Caleb Williams – Sports Illustrated

I’ve got a ton of respect for Williams and I certainly understand his situation but I just can’t see two top quarterbacks in the same class going to LSU, nor can I see the Tigers taking two top quarterbacks. Nussmeier is ranked as the #10 pro-style quarterback in the class and Williams is the #1 overall quarterback in the class.

I’m not he only one who feels this way either. Already thought to be a heavy lean towards the Sooners, the 247Sports crystal ball predictions for Williams to Oklahoma went to 100% immediately following Nussmeier’s commitment to LSU. Christian Leary who has been tied to Williams for quite some time now also went to a 100% crystal ball prediction to Oklahoma.

This is the last week of school for Williams, which I believe means means his blog for S.I. is soon to come to an end. Until then, we won’t seen an official commitment from the 5-star quarterback and admitting that LSU is out of the mix right now would eliminate a third of the fanbases checking in weekly to see what the prep star is up to.

He’s gotta continue the game for the views but rest assured we’re well into the fourth quarter of that game now.

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