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Mike Gundy’s Choice of Lake Apparel Does Not Sit Well With Players

Zachary Low



This situation has been resolved between Gundy and Hubbard, and you can read about it here.

With college football kicking off in just 80 days for the Oklahoma State Cowboys, expectations have ramped up over the last couple of weeks. National media has put Oklahoma State into the College Football Playoff conversation as a dark horse, and the Cowboys are considered the primary threat in the Big 12 to dethrone their in-state rivals down in Norman.

The season may now be in jeopardy, however, after a photo surfaced of head coach Mike Gundy wearing a t-shirt that many consider to be insensitive considering the current climate surrounding racial tensions in America.

The t-shirt displays the logo for One America News Network (OAN), a far-right pro-Trump cable channel. In light of the last couple weeks of amplified spotlight on our country’s systemic racism, it’s pretty obvious why Gundy’s choice of apparel could be viewed by insensitive, and that’s exactly how star running back Chuba Hubbard took it when he was made aware.

Since Hubbard’s response, a number of other Cowboy football players, both current and former, have shown support and echoed Hubbard’s response.

Regardless of whether or not Gundy meant any harm, it’s obviously not a good look at this point in time. One has to wonder where the fallout will truly end, but it is undoubtedly going to involve some uncomfortable, yet necessary, conversations.

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