Caleb Williams Dodges A Question About Returning To The Sooners In 2022

Caleb Williams was made available to the media tonight for the first time in his career with the Sooners. Coming off of a 47-32 win in the Alamo Bowl game where Williams stole the show, you knew a question about his future was bound to be asked.

It was Lincoln Riley’s decision to not let freshman speak to the media during his time at Oklahoma. It seems like a rather safe policy to have in place, but it was nice to hear what Williams had to say after this rollercoaster of a season. He has had some time to mature now and letting him speak to the media seems like a no brainer.

Eric Bailey of the Tulsa World asked him about his future and this is what he had to say.

Williams seems like he was prepared for these questions and handled his first presser like a pro. He didn’t commit to returning to the Sooners but he didn’t hint at leaving either.

It seems like he has a great relationship with the team and the University, and hearing that he has talked with Oklahoma’s new Offensive Coordinator Jeff Lebby every day that he’s been at the Alamo Bowl certainly seems like a good sign.

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4 Replies to “Caleb Williams Dodges A Question About Returning To The Sooners In 2022”

  1. Love you Caleb! Thanks for the Great Game! We believe you are so awesome as a Sooner! Want to be rooting for you next season as well!!

    1. I highly doubt he’d go to USC. Caleb wanted nothing more than to play for Lincoln Riley. He even had his family move to Oklahoma only for Riley to move West. If anything I could see him going back home to Maryland.

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