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Oklahoma Sooners | April 9, 2020

Big 12 All-Decade Team | Offensive Line

Have you ever seen a good team with a bad offensive line? What about a bad team with a good offensive line? Any offensive player worth his weight that excels […]


Oklahoma Sooners | March 22, 2020

Big 12 All-Decade Team | Running Back

Here’s where the rubber meets the road so to speak with making all-decade selections. Being a site from Oklahoma, and selecting players from the two Big 12 universities in the […]

Oklahoma Sooners | March 18, 2020

Big 12 All-Decade Team | Fullback

Sorting through ten years worth of football players to select one guy to represent a position on an all-decade team is absolutely a tedious task. However some guys do stand […]

Oklahoma Sooners | March 17, 2020

The Players We Love To Hate

Sports are all about rivalries and the strongest memories, good or bad, are typically tied into a hated rivalry. But then there’s also that one guy out there who you […]

Oklahoma Sooners | March 16, 2020

Big 12 All-Decade Team | Quarterback

In the decade from 2010-2019 the Big 12 saw three generational quarterbacks who changed the game. All three went on to win a Heisman Trophy and all three etched their […]

Oklahoma Sooners | February 24, 2020

Weekly Big 12 Baseball Standings & Statistics (2/24/20)

The Big 12 baseball season is still very young but with two full weekends of play under their belts things are starting to take shape. By way of dropping the final game of their four-game series with Illinois State, Oklahoma had the second longest winning streak in the conference snapped. Sunday’s loss is also the difference between the Sooners being in second place and fourth in this week’s conference standings.