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Oklahoma Sooners | October 4, 2016

Oklahoma’s Tay Evans’ Career Cut Short Due To Concussions

Bob Stoops announced Monday, during his weekly press conference, that starting linebacker Tay Evans will be retiring from football due to concussions.

Oklahoma Sooners | September 19, 2016

Ohio State 45 – Oklahoma 21 | Position Grades

It isn’t often that you see a team line up against Oklahoma with such a huge in advantage in talent. Not just at one or two positions but pretty much across the board. It’s also not often that you see a team be able to repeatedly attack a weakness against the Sooners as what Ohio State did on Saturday night. In my opinion OU’s drop from the College Football Playoff hunt is a direct result of two positions not performing at an elite lever, and I’m not certain that there’s hope for one of them.