Countdown to Tip-Off | 48 Days

In just 48 days we will be watching Thunder basketball again. Is there anything better than watching number 0 slash and dash his way from coast to coast for a monster dunk? How about seeing the Stache Bros do their thing inside the paint? I can’t wait to see Cam Payne and Russell Westbrook do their pre game dance routine again. We are just under seven weeks away from seeing those wonderful things that bring joy to Oklahomans and Thunder fans around the world.

After the departure of Kevin Durant this summer, the value of his merchandise dropped immensely. The value dropped so much that one Academy store in Oklahoma City put all of his jerseys on a 99% markdown price. The price listed for the NBA licensed replica jerseys was 48 cents. These jerseys originally sold for $69.99.

You have to admit it’s pretty funny that the merchandise was sold for cheaper than a burger or a taco from any fast food restaurant. However, anyone who was remotely smart jumped on the incredible deal. While I’m sure there were many people who passed on the deal, the jerseys did sell out. Perhaps they will be worth something one day. One day very, very, very long from now.

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