We Should Probably Just Rename the State of Oklahoma to Westbrook


I’m sure many of you are aware of the silly idea floating around in Durant, Oklahoma to change the name of the town to Westbrook. Well after last night that might not be enough, as Westbrook was on the sidelines in an OU jersey with the number 44 on it. (I bet Tony Casillas is still stewing over that number being worn). It might just be time to rename the entire state to Westbrook. Someone should start the petition, as I’m sure the state of Oklahoma will prioritize this issue.

Clearly Russell Westbrook understands the magnitude of his decision to sign his contract extension with the Oklahoma City Thunder. His decision is bigger than just basketball and now he is in an OU jersey. I mean if he didn’t steal our hearts already after his decision, then this should seal it. The only thing left for Westbrook to do now is run for governor (that and convince another super star to come play with him in OKC).

I am the founding member of the “Brodie” party.



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