Thunder Nation: Rudy Gay Coming To OKC & Can We Appreciate James Harden Now?

Colin Cowherd lumped Russell Westbrook into a pile with a few others declaring the likes of Russ will continue to pile up stats. However, Cowherd goes on to say Russ would never win a title becausehe lacks “self-awareness and maturity.” We sound off with out thoughs on the comment.

But before we get there, we have to discuss with losing streak coming to an end. The Oklahoma City Thunder upended the Houston Rockets 105-103 on Wednesday. Can OKC fans begin to appreciate and even root for a player who parted ways with the organization in James Harden now?

Of course, trade rumors continue to gain a bit of momentum. Most of the rumors are swirling around Rudy Gay. Is he the help the Thunder need right now? What would you be willing to give up for to sign Gay?

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