Will We Ever See Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant Make Amends?

If you’ve been following the NBA All-Star weekend festivities surrounding Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook like I have, the the words to Taylor Swift’s song “We Are Never Getting Back Together” might be rolling through your head.

It’s no secret that things are at best strained between Russ and KD, and the all-star weekend activities have seemingly made what was obvious even more obvious if that is possible. Here is some relevant information to prove this point.


But then there are these things as well.


So how long will this feud last? Can their ever be any type of reconciliation? Or will the strained relationship between Russ and KD become the new normal?

If any progress can be made, I believe it needs to start with KD. He has repeatedly stated that the media is making it a bigger issue than it really is, and has downplayed any issue between the two. That however is about as naive as a person can get. KD is acting like their isn’t an issue, kinda like he acted like he didn’t hear this question.

If Durant continues to act like he is above this situation, and that nothing is really wrong, I don’t believe any real progress can be made. He must take the first step. Sadly, if Durant’s past actions are indicative of what he will do in the future, I believe we will be waiting for a long time. I’d love however to be proven wrong.


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