Polar Opposites | Portland At Oklahoma City

A new segment we’re trying out here at Heartland Sports is  Polar Opposites. What happens when two people have completely different views on the same subject? That’s what we find out as Craig and Matt tackle a couple of subjects. In this episode we tackle the subject hater vs. homer and which viewpoint is it easier to be unbiased?

We also hit up a conversation on Oklahoma City’s three-game losing streak, and if there’s anything positive can come from it. Obviously we have different views. Does the absence of Victor Oladipo make that big of a difference? We also make our predictions as to whether the losing streak ends tonight or not, and why.

Finally, we both provide our match-up breakdowns with the guys that we believe will have the biggest impact on the game.

Feel free to let us know your thoughts on this new segment and share your thoughts and questions in comments section.





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