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Kansas State losing at Vanderbilt was a bad loss for the Big 12 but there’s not a team in the country that has a better win than Oklahoma’s over Ohio State. There’s also not been a better looking offense in the country than Oklahoma State.

TCU could be a sleeping giant in the conference title race and will have the chance to shake things up this weekend. The Frogs solidified themselves as the consensus #3 in our weekly rankings, giving us unanimous selections at the top three spots in our weekly poll.

Consensus Big 12 Football Power Rankings

Team Points Opponent/Result Last Week
Oklahoma 40 Tulane/W 56-14 1
Oklahoma State 36 At Pitt/W 59-21 2
TCU 32 SMU/W 56-36 3
West Virginia 27 Delaware St /W 59-16 5
Kansas State 25 At Vanderbilt/L 14-7 4
Texas Tech 19 Arizona St/W 52-45 6
Texas 16 At USC /L 27-24 8
Iowa State 15 At Akron/W 41-14 7
Kansas 8 At Ohio /L 42-30 9
Baylor 4 At Duke/L 34-20 10


Oklahoma continued their success last week against Tulane. Outside of the first quarter, the Sooner defense looked great. They are now one of six teams in college football that have not given up a passing touchdown.

I think the Cowboys looked like the most impressive team in the Big 12 last week. I didn’t expect them to open up the score against Pitt like they did. It’s only week 4 but I’m already looking forward to Bedlam.

TCU could be a sleeper for the Big 12 this year. They have a great talent at quarterback in Kenny Hill. They have also impressed me defensively. We will see if the Horned Frogs are legit on Saturday when they play the Pokes.

I’m remaining optimistic about the Jayhawks this season. While they still may be the bottom feeders of the Big 12, I actually think they have a chance to win some conference games this year. However, until they can get a few under their belt they have to stay at the bottom of the list.

The Bears remain the only team in the Big 12 without a win. Unfortunately, it’s not gonna get any better as they play the Sooners this week. It looks like Baylor is finally back to being Baylor.


There’s no change in my top three this week. Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and TCU have been the most impressive three teams in the conference, in that order. The Frogs are visiting Stillwater this weekend in what is going to be the top game in college football this weekend.

The bottom of my rankings stayed the same as well. Kansas and Baylor are not only the two worst teams in the conference, they are two of the worst in the country.


The top two are clearly candidates for a national championship run at this point of the season. In my opinion, it doesn’t look that that’s about to change any time soon. Oklahoma has the best win in the conference to remain ahead of the Cowboys as this point in time.

With Kansas State falling over the weekend, TCU takes over the third spot in my power rankings. Boasting an offense that has the ability to put up points in a hurry, the Forge are the team to watch. Yet, I wouldn’t sleep on their defense either.

Kansas at least has a win to their name. It’s a long road for the Jayhawks now that the conference portion of the schedule begins. This program did beat Texas last year though. They’ll need to improve on both sides of the ball to move up for me.

At the bottom of the heap, Baylor showed this group is improving week to week. Now the Bears gain five players who have missed for various reasons. Essentially handed a clean slate, can this program earn some wins? Possibly but I’ll have to see it to believe it.


The Sooners had a rough start against Tulane, but once the offense got going, Baker Mayfield didn’t take his foot off the gas. Then the second team came in, and Kyler Murray continued the scoring trend. As long as Oklahoma continues to steamroll teams, they will sit atop the Big 12 rankings.

If I could make the Cowboys a “1b” instead of 2, then I would. Pittsburgh was supposed to be a decent non-conference opponent, but Oklahoma State shredded them from start to finish. It’s safe to say that Bedlam is going to be the must-see game of the Big 12 this season.

The Horned Frogs have looked impressive so far. Coming into the season, this team had question marks all over the place, but at the very least, they already look better than expected. This week’s matchup with Oklahoma State will be a true test.

At least they are, or at least appear to be, better than Baylor. As long as the Bears remains winless, the Jayhawks get the honor of holding the 9-spot.

Can it get much worse? The Bears put up a decent fight against Duke, but with Oklahoma next up on the schedule, followed by Kansas State, Oklahoma State, and West Virginia, an 0-7 start is looking more and more likely.

Heartland’s Week 3 Big 12 Football Power Rankings

Craig Matt Rich Zack
Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma
Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Oklahoma State
West Virginia West Virginia West Virginia Kansas State
Kansas State Kansas State Kansas State West Virginia
Texas Tech Texas Tech Iowa State Texas Tech
Iowa State Texas Texas Tech Texas
Texas Iowa State Texas Iowa State
Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas
Baylor Baylor Baylor  Baylor

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