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Oklahoma Sooners | September 5, 2019

2019 Big 12 Football Power Rankings | Week 2

On an opening weekend that saw major upsets the Big 12 was the only Power Five conference to make it through unblemished. That’s not to say there weren’t close calls […]


Oklahoma Sooners | August 26, 2019

2019 Big 12 Power Rankings | Week 1

Here we go! Game the first full game week of the college football season is upon us. That means it is time for our weekly Big 12 Power Rankings to […]

Oklahoma Sooners | November 29, 2018

Week 14 Big 12 Power Rankings | Championship Edition

It’s hard to believe that we’re finally here. Another college football season is almost in the books and we have finally seen the conference shape up to just two contenders […]

Oklahoma Sooners | November 8, 2018

Week 11 Big 12 Power Rankings | Iowa State Is Lurking

You know, if Texas is so concerned about the disrespect shown to another school then perhaps they should consider removing the words, “OU sucks” from their fight song. Just a thought. 

Oklahoma Sooners | October 17, 2018

Week Eight Big 12 Power Rankings | The Rise Of Texas And Fall Of Oklahoma State

It was a limited slate of action in the Big 12 last weekend but it was enough for us to agree that they Oklahoma State football program is in a bad spot right now. The Cowboys have dropped two of their three conference games with the only win coming against Kansas. The bye week couldn’t have arrived quick enough for OSU.

Oklahoma Sooners | September 20, 2018

Week Four Big 12 Power Rankings | Pokes Are Surging!

Week three of the college football season provided both huge opportunity and huge disappointment for the Big 12. Oklahoma State and Texas came out as big winners in their marquee match-ups, but TCU was out of their league against Ohio State and West Virginia didn’t get to play due to the hurricane.