Russell Westbrook Signs Five-Year, $205M Extension

After a summer of what can only be described as the wildest of rides, Sam Presti has gone and done it again. First, he brought in Paul George. Then, he signed Patrick Patterson and Raymond Felton. Finally, he managed to get Carmelo Anthony. Then, when it seemed like he was done working his magic for the Thunder’s offseason, he convinced Russell Westbrook to do the unthinkable.

In today’s NBA, signing large contracts is not out of the ordinary, but agreeing to stay locked down for the long-term in a small market is almost unheard. Ever since the departure of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook has made his intentions very clear: he loves Oklahoma City, and he believes in loyalty. Today, his actions spoke louder than his words as he is rumored to have agreed to sign a five-year, $205M contract, giving him the largest total contract in NBA history.

Presti and the Thunder organization did everything they possibly could to convince Westbrook that they were going to do whatever it took to win, and it is safe to say that he was convinced. Also, it may be fun to note that Westbrook signed his extension on Kevin Durant’s birthday. Thunder fans can rest easy knowing that Russ is here to stay, and based on that fact alone, the organization has a very bright future.

Article written by Zack Low. Follow @TheThunderGuys on Twitter and Instagram.

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