Oklahoma 62 – Oklahoma State 52 | Bedlam Football Quotes

“Great football game. Two really, really good football teams went at it and two especially elite quarterbacks. The quality of play at the quarterback position in this game was, to me, rivaled the Texas Tech game that we had last year. I mean you’re talking about two guys at the absolute top of their game. Those guys put on a show and it was just kind of a game of will. They had some momentum early, we were able to kind of hang in there a little bit defensively as we got going offensively. We had a chance a couple times in the second quarter to break it open and separate and we weren’t able to get the stops we wanted. Didn’t play very good defensively, certainly in that second quarter, but offense held in and kept scoring and then offense kind of stuttered out the gate third quarter and the defense answered. We kind of just took care of each other all night. We throw the pick down there at the end and defense has to answer, we have to pick the ball off three different times to win it, but we finally did. We got to get better at playing complementary football. We still got a lot of room to grow as a team, but like I told them in there if we are good at one thing right now it’s winning and we came to find a way. We are going to keep battling, but it was a great, great atmosphere. A lot of great football players on that field. Unbelievable effort for both teams. It is one that I will remember for a long time.” – Lincoln Riley Opening Statement

“He doesn’t flinch. He’s made for atmospheres like this. This is his favorite thing in the world is to play in deals like this and I think it shows.” – Lincoln Riley on Baker Mayfield

“These kids, it’s a hard league to break in at such a young age…it’s a great learning experience to play such quality people like these guys and a quarterback like this, in a system like this. You can only get better from it and gain confidence. We have to get our other guys back up and playing more confidently” – Mike Stoops on playing freshmen

“I think not just for me, but a lot of guys played well. No, we didn’t rush the ball for a lot but the pass protection is unbelievable. They had a couple sacks but those were on me. Guys played well. We did our job at a high level offensively, which we needed to. We do the little things right and the big plays will come which is what you see in the guys like Marquise Brown and CeeDee with big conversions and Mark and Mykel Jones and Trey Sermon. We just did our job tonight and that was the most important thing for us.” – Baker Mayfield on the big night for the offense

“That was on me. I just have to be better. Especially down there in the red zone. Defense bailed us out both times. The crowd erupted after that first interception and then we held them to a field goal and were able to take the lead after that. That’s huge being able to rely on each other when it really matters. It’s important going forward, winning is all that matters. We’ll make the plays when we need to.” – Mayfield on his two interceptions

“That was a heck of a college football game. I wish we could have made a couple of plays at the end, but they ended up making a couple of plays at the end and we didn’t. We had our shot in the last couple of minutes and we didn’t. I told them that I’m proud of their effort, being resilient. I’ve been in a lot of weird games at Oklahoma State, but I don’t remember being in one like that.” – Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy Opening Statement 

“Yes, I did, but that’s a long ways. He’s made a 54. I should know the percentage, but I’m just going to tell you it’s really low. We felt like on fourth and eight that with who we are, with our wideouts, with our quarterback, that our percentages were better than a 55-yard field goal.” – Gundy on if he had thought about letting Matt Ammendola attempt a 55-yard field goal to tie the game. 

“I knew they were good, but I never would have expected that. I knew he was going to make some plays. We just gave him too many big plays.” – Defensive end Glenn Spencer on Oklahoma’s offense.

“I thought we ran the ball well on offense and executed a lot better and we were able to score some points out there. Tyron Johnson did a great job out there and was able to extend some plays for us. He was also able to give James (Washington) a bit of a breather.” – Mason Rudolph on the performance of the offense

“All we were talking about was making a big play and putting our team in the best position we could to win the game. Fortunately, I took advantage of the opportunity I had, but we weren’t able to get it done. We just need to be able to answer the call when needed and that’s what we did at that point.” – Linebacker Chad Whitener on his 4th quarter interception



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