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Oklahoma Sooners | January 30, 2019

Breaking | Mike Stoops Expected To Join Alabama Crimson Tide In Consultant Role

Possessing nineteen years of experience on the NCAA DI level as a head coach or coordinator, Mike Stoops found himself in unfamiliar territory. On October 7th, the Oklahoma Sooners suffered a regular season loss at the hands of the Texas Longhorns. Quickly citing the defense as the reason for defeat, the university parted ways with Stoops. Attempting to remain relevant in an ever evolving game after being relieved of play-calling duties, the coach began to search for a new home instead of calling it quits.

Oklahoma Sooners | November 17, 2018

Oklahoma 55 – Kansas 40 |The Defensive Struggle Is Real…And Sad

There’s honestly nothing good to say about Oklahoma’s defensive effort. This was a new rock bottom for a unit that has had more lows than highs this season. This effort proved that firing Mike Stoops didn’t fix anything, in fact, it may have made things worse.  

Oklahoma Sooners | October 20, 2018

Not As Easy As It Looked – Oklahoma Defeats TCU 52-17

The Sooners haven’t lost to TCU since the 2014 season and early on it looked like that wouldn’t even be a remote possibility. Oklahoma scored on four consecutive possessions to start the game, building a 28-7 lead, but TCU swapped quarterbacks and things got really interesting. 

Oklahoma Sooners | October 18, 2018

Oklahoma’s Defense Is Without Excuse Moving Forward

Blown assignments, failing to shed blocks, and missed tackles have become the staple of a defense that once featured Superman, pitched a shutout in the Cotton Bowl against Arkansas, and held Florida State’s offense scoreless in the BCS National Championship game. They may have hit rock bottom against Texas at the Cotton Bowl a couple of weeks ago, but they’ve been falling for a long time. 

Oklahoma Sooners | October 10, 2018

Mike Stoops Will Get Nearly 25K Per Month Until Jan 2020

Stoops will receive monthly installments of $24,917 until January 31st 2020. The buyout amount will equal his annual base salary plus and additional $2,000 per month for health care and other expenses. 

Oklahoma Sooners | October 7, 2018

Mike Stoops Out As Oklahoma’s Defensive Coordinator

On Sunday Stoops met with Lincoln Riley and university president James Gallogly and from that meeting came the decision to part ways, in one aspect or the other. The decision comes a day after Oklahoma’s defense gave up 48 points in a loss to Texas. It was the most points the Longhorns had ever scored in the rivalry with Oklahoma, and it contributed in a major way to OU’s 48-45 loss. 

Oklahoma Sooners | October 6, 2018

Among Mounting Frustrations Former Oklahoma Player Takes To Twitter

With social media being the preferred outlet for frustration from the fanbase, former Sooner defender Zack Sanchez took to Twitter with a message that no one gives more than the players and coaches, and no one wants to win more than the players and coaches either. 

Oklahoma Sooners | October 6, 2018

Texas 48 – Oklahoma 45 | Notes & Quotes

“It is not something that the coaches are doing. It is a personal thing. We need that attitude, we have to want to tackle, it is hard to think about when you are out there trying to make plays and it is moving fast. There are no excuses, at the end of the day players have to make plays and make tackles.”