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Nine Sooners Selected in 2018 MLB Draft

Rich DeCray


Since 2011, the MLB Draft has featured a pick from the University of Oklahoma inside the first ten rounds. Looking to continue the trend, the Oakland Athletics dipped into the pool of Norman prospects searching for a diamond in the rough. The search produced a gem as the A’s selected Kyler Murray with the No. 9 overall pick despite the center fielder’s second round projection.

However, the Oklahoma Sooners were on the verge of a program best. Undrafted out of high school in 2015, Steele Walker awaited his turn to take the spotlight. At the commencement of the second round, the right fielder was snatched up by the Chicago White Sox with the No. 46 overall pick. With the selection, the 2018 MLB Draft marked the first time in history that two Sooners were removed from the draft board within the first fifty picks.

Joining in on the fun, Jake Irvin provided consistent pitching throughout the duration of his career at Oklahoma. The consistency turned heads as Irvin was taken in the 4th round by the Washington Nationals. Following the selection, the rest of the Sooner pitching staff fell into place on the draft board.

Six of the final seven Sooners selected in the 2018 MLB Draft were right-handed pitchers. Austin Hansen was picked up by the Houston Astros in the 8th round while Cade Harris broke the streak of hurlers. The right fielder was taken in 10th round by the Colorado Rockies.

But, the celebration remained far from over. Kyle Tyler was the next name to be called from OU in the 20th round by the LA Angels. Lane Ramsey, a right-handed pitcher at the university was selected in the 23rd round by the White Sox. Apparently, the organization put a premium on such athletes as Devon Perez, another right-handed pitcher, heard his name called by the White Sox in the 26th round of the draft. They’ll join forces with Steele Walker along the way as each blazes their own path on the next level. Lastly, Connor Berry, another RHP was selected in the 31st round of the draft.

In total nine Sooners were selected this year which ranks sixth amongst all programs.

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