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Paul George Set to Re-Sign with Thunder

Zachary Low


Minutes before the NBA’s free agency moratorium period was to begin, news broke that Paul George agreed to sign a new contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Earlier in the day, rumors began surfacing that Russell Westbrook was hosting a house party at Lake Arcadia near Oklahoma City in order to celebrate some big news. Among the projected notable guests, Paul George was to attend, flying in from Los Angeles earlier in the afternoon.

Not only was Paul George at the party, but the big announcement was in fact from his own mouth: “I’m here to stay. We can bring it home.”

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the announcement is the fact that Paul George did not even give the Los Angeles Lakers a meeting, despite the fact that he had made comments previously about how exciting it would be to play for his hometown team.


The details of George’s contract are said to be for four years and $137 million.

This will make the Thunder’s puzzling financial situation even more difficult, and while it puts Oklahoma City deep into the luxury tax, the news of Paul George returning to the Oklahoma City Thunder solidifies Sam Presti’s gutsy move last summer as this marks the biggest free agency signing in franchise history.

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