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Countdown to Tip-Off | 10 Days

Craig Hofeld


Each year The Thunder Guys have done a countdown to tip-off post leading up to the beginning of the season. This year, we are back at it again, only things are a little bit different. Over the next ten days we will take a look at the 10 biggest games of the 2018-2019 season.

Starting out at number 10 we’ve got the Lakers coming to town on Tuesday, April 2nd. It’s always a good time when the Lakers are in town, but even more so now that LeBron James is on their roster. For all the fans in Oklahoma City that want to see the best player in the league play live, you now have two chances per year to see him.

There’s also an added element to this rivalry with Russell Westbrook being from LA. It’s always interesting to see how that aspect plays into the game. As if that isn’t enough, we all know how the Paul George free agency went down. It’s safe to say that even though the Lakers landed LeBron James, they’re still upset that Paul George decided to stay in Oklahoma City instead of going home.

The Thunder had a bit of a let down in their four game series last season against the Lakers going 2-2. There’s no doubt that OKC will be looking to improve on that record. Anytime the Thunder face off against the Lakers it’s sure to be an intertaining game.

Check out this clip from Terrance Ferguson against the Lakers last season:





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