Mike Gundy Makes It Clear He’s Not Coaching High School Ball

There’s a growing contingent of people who are not happy with the quarterback play at Oklahoma State. The truth is, they’re not happy about OSU’s 1-3 record in conference play and the obvious spot to place the blame is on the quarterback position and that’s exactly where Spencer Sanders’ mom is right now.

As you’re most likely aware of, the mother of Cowboys’ third-string quarterback, and former Mr. Texas Football, Spencer Sanders tweeted the following after OSU’s 31-12 loss at Kansas State on October 13th.


Thinking that somehow a quarterback change could have sparked the offense is one thing. Thinking it would have somehow helped the Cowboys get a defensive stop in the second half is an entirely different ordeal.

“Every momma loves their boy, and they want them to play more or they want them to get more carries or they want them to get more catches or whatever it may be,” Gundy said on Monday. “The only difference in anything that’s happening in society today versus what’s happened forever is now you have a way to make it public. But those things have gone on forever. It doesn’t mean anybody’s right or wrong. It just means that people have a way to express an opinion so the world can see it.”

You could make the case that Twitter isn’t the proper forum to bring up a subject such as you son’s playing time, but Gundy made it clear that on this level of football parents petitioning for their kid’s playing time doesn’t really happen that often.

“Here’s the deal. Every parent that’s ever called me, I’ve taken their phone call because that’s my responsibility,” Gundy said. “When we recruit them we tell them that we’re going to take care of them. But I’m answering the question directly, I can’t remember the last time a parent’s called me about playing time. Now I get called on a lot of other things that I’d love to delegate to other people but I can’t. But I don’t get playing time calls. I never coached in high school and that’s why I always said I have the greatest respect for high school coaches because they have to deal with that stuff all the time.”

Already on record for stating that he doesn’t like to play freshmen quarterbacks, because he feels like they’re prone to injury, Gundy announced on Monday that he’s sticking with Taylor Cornelius in Saturday night’s home coming game against Texas.

“I think that he’ll be fine,” Gundy said about the fifth-year senior. “If we didn’t think that, we wouldn’t put him in there and start him.”

For the season Cornelius is averaging 287.7 passing yards per game and has 16 touchdowns, but is completing just 54.8 percent of his throws in Big 12 play.


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