Curtis Bolton Responds To Instagram Post | “I’m The Bully”

Bedlam Football is still a day away but the social media platforms have been heating up all week.

Oklahoma State running back Justice Hill stoked the flames of the Bedlam fire with an Instagram post that mocked OU’s defense, going as far as to label them “kids” and “littleboys.”

Undoubtedly this grabbed the attention of the Sooner defense, who was gashed for 228 yards and 2 touchdowns by Hill in last season’s 62-52 Oklahoma victory.

Obviously it was a point of conversation at Tuesday’s media availability with the Sooners not backing away from the topic.

“He can do what he wants to do on Instagram, I’m going to line up on Saturday and play ball,” redshirt senior linerbacker Curtis Bolton said. “At the end of the day, he’s gotta come out and run the rock. He can say what he wants to, but he’s got to come prove it Saturday.”

“We’ll do our talking on the field,” sophomore safety Robert Barnes said about the post. “He’s a great running back, like I said, that’s all I got to say. We’ll do our talking on the field.”

Bolton, who seemed to be a bit more irritated, was more to the point though when it comes to the play on the field.

“They’re gonna come out hot,” Bolton said, “and we’re gonna try and come out and punch them in the face.”

At 6-0/218, Bolton is Oklahoma’s second leading tackler (92 stops on the season) so he and Hill (5-10/190) are bound to collide on Saturday afternoon. For that, Bolton sent out his own message via Twitter late Thursday night.

Is anyone going to be surprised if things get a little chippy on Saturday?

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