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Week 11 Big 12 Power Rankings | Iowa State Is Lurking

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Don’t look now but Iowa State has a road paved to the Big 12 championship game. The question is, can they drive it? Sometimes being in control of your own destiny brings a lot of pressure, especially when you’ve never walked that road before.

Week Ten – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The Good

Fourth quarter comebacks were a thing in Week 10! Baylor and West Virginia scored in the final minute of the game to pull off the upsets. Kansas State was almost in that category. The Wildcats scored with just under six minutes to play but missed the extra point in their 14-13 loss to TCU.

The Bad

Big 12 defenses get a bad wrap across the nation but it’s somewhat understandable. Three of the five conference games in Week 10 had a combined score of 66 points or higher.

OU/TT – 97 points

WVU/UT – 83 points

OSU/BU – 66 points

The Ugly

You want to know what was worse than Texas’ fourth quarter collapse against West Virginia? That would be the complete overreaction of the team, and crybabies fanbase, to the horns-down signal.

You know, if Texas is so concerned about the disrespect shown to another school then perhaps they should consider removing the words, “OU sucks” from their fight song. Just a thought.

Power Rankings

We’ve solidified our #2 ranking this week with West Virginia being a unanimous choice. That said, you could definitely make a case for the Mountaineers to be #1.

Iowa State has moved up to the #3 spot.

Texas and Oklahoma State both took a bit of a tumble this week.

 Heartland Sports Week Eleven Big 12 Power Rankings
Ranking Points
1. Oklahoma 40
2. West Virginia 36
3. Iowa State 31
4. Texas 29
5. Texas Tech 23
6. Baylor 21
7. Oklahoma State 15
8. TCU 11
9. Kansas 9
10. Kansas State 5

1. Oklahoma | It may not have been pretty but this offense proved they can outscore anyone in the country. Carrying all the pressure, Lincoln Riley made the right calls to win the game. Without a team that can keep pace, it’s hard to punish OU for a win on the road in the ‘Twilight Zone.’

2. West Virginia | Gutsy calls and perfect throws orchestrated a last minute win for the Mountaineers. One throw away from 6-2, WVU controls their own destiny in the conference race at 7-1. On a collision course with the top program in the league, teams will take wins anyway they come right now.

3. Iowa State | Although the Cyclones demolished a lower tier program over the weekend, the win streak moves up to four. Continuing to ride the momentum, Iowa State is a dangerous program to face here in November. It for this reason that I’ve included them in the top three this week.

4. Texas

5. Baylor

6. Texas Tech

7. Oklahoma State

8. Kansas

9. TCU | The Horned Frogs may have ended the losing streak but its about to face a few of the better offenses in the conference. With a slate featuring some teams sitting above TCU in the power rankings, I wouldn’t be surprised if this program failed to appear in the post season.

10. Kansas State | Fighting to climb out of the cellar, the Wildcats lost to a lackluster TCU program by a single point. It’s for this reason that KSU hits bottom this week.

1. Oklahoma | The Sooners regained the top spot in the rankings a week ago, and they almost blew it once again this last weekend. After a rocky start against Texas Tech, Oklahoma bounced back for a win on the road.

It wasn’t pretty, but a win on the road is solid no matter what. At this point, Oklahoma controls their own destiny. It’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out.

2. West Virginia | The Mountaineers are back at number two after knocking off the Longhorns last weekend. A gutsy call to go for two at the end of the game led to a victory for West Virginia.

The Mountaineers are in the same situation as the Sooners, if they win out they can control their own destiny. It’s safe to say the matchup between Oklahoma and West Virginia will be a good one at the end of the season.

3. Iowa State | After a rough start to the season for the Cyclones, they’ve really turned things around. Iowa State fans have to be pretty stoked about their teams performances over the last couple of years.

If the right results take place, the Cyclones could still find their way to the Big 12 championship game. They’ll need a huge win over Texas to end the season in order for there to be a chance.

4. Texas

5. Texas Tech

6. Baylor

7. Oklahoma State

8. TCU

9. Kansas | I put the Jayhawks at ninth a week ago, and they keep that spot for the first time ever. Seriously, the first time ever. A losing culture is no longer acceptable in Lawrence. Look out for Kansas to pull off one more upset before the season ends.

10. Kansas State | The Wildcats have had the most disappointing season of any team in the Big 12 this season. Going 1-5 in conference play and 3-6 overall is definitely not acceptable for Kansas State. It’s safe to say some changes will be coming to the coaching staff next season.

1. Oklahoma | The Sooners got out of Lubbock with a win, but it wasn’t easy. Bedlam is in Norman next Saturday, and the Cowboys are coming off another embarrassing loss, so it could be interesting, but Oklahoma is the clear-cut top team in the conference right now.

2. West Virginia | The Mountaineers stay in Big 12 Championship contention, and maybe even College Football Playoff talks, with a narrow win over the Longhorns in Austin. Will Grier is back in the Heisman conversation, and West Virginia should have a couple of easy ones the next two weeks against TCU and Oklahoma State before they tee up against the Sooners.

3. Texas | The Longhorns were cruising, and now, they’re back to losing. Is Texas back? Who really knows. Right now, they have to be worried about dropping a third consecutive game when they travel to Lubbock to take on Texas Tech on Saturday.

4. Iowa State

5. Texas Tech

6. Baylor

7. TCU

8. Oklahoma State

9. Kansas State | The win against Oklahoma State a few weeks ago was nice while it lasted, but the Wildcats just aren’t that good. At least they get to host the Jayhawks this weekend.

10. Kansas | The Jayhawks are back to where they belong at the bottom of the conference, but maybe they could knock off the Wildcats in Manhattan on Saturday.

1. Oklahoma | The Sooners were able to overcome two early Kyler Murray turnovers and a racaus crowd in Lubbock to retain the top spot in this week’s rankings. They’re barely holding off West Virginia though, setting up a huge game in Morgantown to close the season.

2. West Virginia | The Mountaineers have a legitimate claim to the top spot in our power rankings due to their win in Austin. I honestly couldn’t argue with anyone who would put WVU #1.

3. Iowa State | The road is paved for the Cyclones to make an appearance in the Big 12 championship game. If the Sooners and ISU win out then they will face each other in Arlignton.

4. Texas

5. Texas Tech

6. Baylor

7. Oklahoma State

8. Kansas

9. TCU | The Frogs edged out Kansas State last week to stay out of the basement.

10. Kansas State | There’s still hope that the Wildcats can rally to get out of the bottom spot. That hope is quickly fading though.

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