Week 13 Big 12 Power Rankings | Is Another Red River Showdown Looming?

Path To The Championship

As the final weekend of Big 12 Conference play approaches only three teams control their own destiny. For Oklahoma, Texas, and West Virginia the path is simple, win and you’re in.

Texas will conclude its regular season by traveling to Lawrence, Kansas on Friday to take on the Jayhawks in David Beaty’s finale on the sidelines. The Black Friday nightcap will bring us Oklahoma at West Virginia in a game that will send the winner to Arlington, Texas for a shot at the conference crown.

West Virginia beat the Longhorns, in Austin, in a game that was epic earlier this month and the Sooners were a late field goal shy of downing the Horns last month. Obviously those south of the Red River, and west of the Mississippi, are hoping for another OU/Texas showdown but beating the Mountaineers in Morgantown is no easy task.

The Oklahoma State Conundrum

Ranking the teams one through four is pretty easy at this point of the season. The number ten spot is a no-brainer as well. However, positions five through nine is a headache.

Baylor, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, TCU, and Texas Tech all create a log jam with equal 3-5 records. Attempting to rank them is a task that is equally difficult and unfair. Collectively we’ve put OSU at the highest point of the 5-team pileup. The overwhelming thought is that wins over Texas and West Virginia make them deserving of that ranking.

I can’t get on board with that though. Of course two wins over Top 10 teams makes quite the impression, but take this into consideration. Of the five teams we’re discussing, Oklahoma State has lost to three of them (Baylor, Kansas State, and Texas Tech) and are on the road this weekend at TCU. That’s a lot of head-scratching losses to consider with those impressive wins.

 Heartland Sports Week Thirteen Big 12 Power Rankings
Ranking Points
1. Oklahoma 40
2. Texas 36
3. West Virginia 32
4. Iowa State 28
5. Oklahoma State 21
6. Kansas State 16
6. TCU 16
8. Texas Tech 15
9. Baylor 12
10. Kansas 4

1. Oklahoma | The Sooners manage to hold on to the top spot once again, despite not having a defense. Oklahoma has the best offense in the nation, which is keeping them in playoff discussion. We will see how much longer the Sooners stay alive only having an offense.

2. Texas | The Longhorns took care of business on Saturday to keep their conference championship hopes alive. They’ll need Oklahoma to beat West Virginia this weekend in order to get in. However, if they do make the championship game, they will have a great shot at winning.

3. West Virginia | The Mountaineers can still make the conference championship game with a win over Oklahoma on Friday night. This would be the best case for West Virginia, but the worst case for the Big 12. This would mean a rematch between Oklahoma and West Virginia in the conference championship, and it would eliminate the Big 12 from the playoff discussion.

4. Iowa State

5. Oklahoma State

6. TCU

7. Baylor

8. Kansas state

9. Texas Tech | The Red Raiders had a great start to the season, but have fallen off here at the end. They’ve now lost 4 games in a row. Texas Tech will be one of four Big 12 teams trying to become bowl eligible this weekend.

10. Kansas | Kansas made a big move this week by hiring Les Miles as their next coach. While that doesn’t take place until next season, the Jayhawks will be looking to finish the season strong with a win over Texas.

1. Oklahoma | If the name of the game in November is to win, the Sooners have certain done just that. It may not be the defense of the decade, but OU sits 10-1 on the year. As the only one loss team, Oklahoma remains in the driver seat for the conference crown.

2. Texas | Keeping their hopes of a title in the line of sight, the Longhorns posted a good win this weekend. Possessing the best chances of spoiling the reigning Big 12 Champions shot of a repeat. Slowly climbing the ladder to the top of the food chain, UT cemeted themselves as the No. 2 team this week.

3. West Virginia | A disappointing loss over the weekend dashed the dreams of the program this season. Firmly on the outside of the playoffs picture, the end of Will Grier’s career can take an upswing with a win this upcoming weekend.

4. Iowa State

5. Oklahoma State

6. Texas Tech

7. TCU

8. Kansas State

9. Baylor | I thought this program was capable of beating a down TCU program. However, that didn’t happen as the Bears come crashing back down toward the bottom. They’ll get one more shot at bowl eligibility this week.
10. Kansas – Putting up 40 points should give Les Miles something to look forward to but this is still KU. The program needs a few mins before they can climb out of the cellar.

1. Oklahoma | Allowing 40 points to Kansas while playing on your home field for Senior Night is no way to impress the College Football Playoff committee, but the Sooners did what was necessary to get the win and keep their hopes alive. As long as they win, they’re the best team in the conference in my book.

2. Texas | The Longhorns edged the Cyclones to keep their dream of reaching the Big 12 Championship Game alive. All they have to do is beat Kansas this weekend, and they’re in.

3. West Virginia | The Mountaineers have to either defeat the Sooners this weekend or pray that Kansas upsets Texas if they want to have a chance to get into the Big 12 Championship Game. Losing to Oklahoma State after leading by 17 to start the second half was bad, but this team is still really talented.

4. Iowa State

5. Oklahoma State

6. TCU

7. Kansas State

8. Texas Tech

9. Baylor | The Bears tried as long as they could to avoid the inevitable of falling to the basement of the Big 12, but here they are.

10. Kansas | The Jayhawks actually put up an impressive fight in Norman on Saturday, but one conference win isn’t going to help them break out of the 10-spot. An upset over Texas this long weekend would make me consider it, though.

1. Oklahoma | Saturday night brought about another ugly win for the Sooners but it was still a win. OU has the best offense in the conference, to go along with the best record, but only Kansas has surrendered more points among Big 12 schools.

2. Texas | The Longhorns benefited from Oklahoma State’s win over West Virginia. Only Kansas stands in the way of them reaching the Big 12 championship game now. What could go wrong there?

3. West Virginia | The Mountaineers were shocked in Stillwater on Saturday but still control their own destiny in the Big 12. Win over Oklahoma on Friday and they’re in the conference championship game.

4. Iowa State

5. Kansas State

6. Texas Tech

7. Baylor

8. Oklahoma State

9. TCU | This isn’t fair to the Frogs but the reality is that after Iowa State you can lump five teams together with no real degree of separation. TCU, one of those five, is coming off a win over Baylor and could see a significant rise if the could pull the upset Saturday night.

10. Kansas | This one is easy. Kansas is back in their natural spot on the Big 12 pecking order.

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