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The Myth Of The S.E.C. Defense Has Been Busted

M. Hofeld


It’s not good offense it’s just bad defense. That’s what the narrative had been for several seasons now. The Big 12 was a non-defensive league that just allowed offenses to post gaudy numbers. Meanwhile the S.E.C. was the league where real defense was played and no Big 12 team would survive there.

Well, the results are in and it turns out that the S.E.C. is more of a bad offense instead of great defense type of league. That’s not to say there’s no offensive talent in the S.E.C.. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. There’s talent across the landscape of the conference, it’s just being used differently yielding lesser results than the Big 12 and giving the appearance that the defenses are the most dominant in the country.

The Big 12 played four bowl games against the S.E.C. and went 3-1 in those games. Not only that, in all four games Big 12 teams exceeded their opponent’s season averages for total yards and points on their way to averaging 500 yards and 36 points against the supposedly vaunted defenses.

Of course the S.E.C. won the most significant of those games, ultimately putting Alabama in the national championship once more. However, in defeat Kyler Murray and company posted 34 points and 471 yards of offense, both of which were well above Alabama’s season averages.

The S.E.C. features the best team in America but that doesn’t make it the best conference in America. Of course there will be significant protests to that statement but the bow results don’t lie. Across the board the Big 12 was a better conference this season. The Big 12’s runner-up pasted the S.E.C. runner up in the Sugar Bowl, middle of the pack Baylor beat middle of the pack Vanderbilt, and 6-6 Oklahoma State continued its streak of winning seasons by running over 8-4 Missouri.

You can argue with opinions but if you bring facts into the equation it doesn’t represent the S.E.C. very well.

Defenses in the Southeast looked just like defenses in the Big 12 during those four bowl games which means you can bank on the spread offense making it’s mark in the S.E.C. in the very near future. Why? Because the level of offense played in the Big 12 is superior to the level of defense played in the S.E.C. and that’s irrefutable.

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