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Colin Cowherd Gets Push Back On Russell Westbrook Statement

M. Hofeld


I feel like every time we discuss Colin Cowherd we have to start with the disclaimer that he’s a sports radio shock jock who absolutely can’t believe in what he’s saying. His opinions are solely for entertainment purposes as he has spent the last decade becoming the nation’s best radio troll.

That said, he does make some valid points on Oklahoma City point guard Russell Westbrook. Russ does seem to care about stats more than your average NBA player. In fact, I would say that you’d have to go all the way back to Dennis Rodman to find a guy who cared more about stats than Russ does.

He also correctly points out Westbrook’s struggles in shooting from the field this season and him melting down in Utah during the opening round of the playoffs is straight fact and not opinion.

However, trying to diminish the value of Russell Westbrook’s triple-doubles is just straight absurd. Fox Sports Chris Broussard was there to rush Russ’ defense. “When you do something Wilt Chamberlain never did,” Broussard said, “that’s incredible!”

Cowherd’s job is to ridiculously argue the point but he even struggles to find a solid foothold against the counterpoints from Broussard.

The truth is, Westbrook’s string of triple doubles is nothing short of amazing. I even agree with Cowherd on the fact that triple-doubles are more common now that ever before but, come on, ten in a row is not a common sight.

If Cowherd’s point of view is correct then the record wouldn’t have stood since 1968. It really is that simple…unless you make a living having ridiculous arguments.

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